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tv   Our World With Black Enterprise  CW  April 17, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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your brighter future.
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award. nearly a year since a 0
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the criticism he faces while seeking the country's highest office. wyclef, man, thanks for taking the time to sit down with us.
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say for me, last time that we've ever had a conversation about politics i want remember. so he definitely is entitled to his own opinion and the thing about it is, it would be impossible for him to see my growth as a politician. that would be totally impossible. he will always see me as a fuji
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member. sean penn on the other side, i think he's more someone that i was focused on because you know, we've seen him stand for certain policies. whether we want to agree with him or not. if he feel's something, he's going to say it. what i had the chance to do was to get on the phone with sean to let him know we had a great conversation. when i'm in haiti i want to see what he's doing with the camp and we get a chance to sit down and talk so i can explain to him my entire policies. because my idea is not to push people out of haiti. it's to keep people like sean penn in heat. >> one of the ways you make money is through your music career. when i come back i want to ask you questions about the new album. we'll be right back. >> when it comes to the music, i'm not here to like trust anyone. i'm here to say let's take the
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group from point a and skyrocket it. that's my job.
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hey fox! hey washington. how's it going bro? hey man. physical therapy makes kandahar look like summer camp. i end up whining like jackson! jackson! man i'll tell you, that dude was a trip. that's the truth. how about you man? how you doing? well it's like you said , sessions are tough, but i gotta' get back on track. so, it is helpin'? yeah, man. i've been sleepin' like a baby. i even went easier on the class six. alright man. i'm glad you made that call to the hotline. yeah man, me too. i'm a veteran and these services are for us. we've earned them. whether your wounds are visible or not treatment works. treatment works. treatment works. and calling the confidential veterans hotline can help.
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i know. call 800-273-8255 and press 1. welcome back. we're still here with wyclef jean. in addition to all this political stuff, you are still making great music. to to me a little bit about this new album "fy were president"
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and the new video with the" election time." >> so i'm sitting at 40 right now. if i'm going to do music for ten years, what kind of legacy do i want to give. when clef turned 40, i went to the quake, all right, what is he giving us now. what i'm giving you is his real life story. the video, i said from now on i'm going to go shoot the video in haiti. i said i'm going to get a haitian director. i'm going to get a haitian crew that knows how to hold a camera. and i said we're not going to just show the bad side of the country. we're going to show the good side. when people watching election time and they see mao on the mountain with the green grass aarp me, they're like yo, where you at? sunny california? you on the rocks? i said no, i'm in haiti. ♪ñx7jodñiañímñ,%u ♪ yea yea election time is
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coming ♪ ♪ >> i've heard all kinds of stuff in the news. i want to ask you directly becau, why did fuji break up in the first place? >> i mean when you become a rock star group and a super group of the world -- right -- like bono. bono called the fujis the hip-hop beatles. i don't call us that. bono from u-2 calls us that. john lennon had his own head space. it's just what he wanted to do. it was just different. so i think that we all have our own head space. in the fujis, i'm like the will
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aam, the same will i am is to the black eyed peas. if i didn't do that, i wouldn't still be able to be around and do all these records the way i do. in the fujis, you know, lauren is like, you know, your modern day niknenina simone. aretha franklin. the voice of the soul. but almost like a female super hero because she rhymes as well as she sings and the talent is beyond the norm. there you have prize. all right? prize, though, to his credit -- no, no, no, no. >> i'm serious. there's always the narrative. >> there's always the narrative. i've heard it for a while. but you know. and i've even cracked jokes on it, too. right? you've seen it. but i think at the same time,
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prize brings a certain ear into the studio. when he's in the context of the fujis. he can hear something, say yo, this is right, or try this sample, let's go left here, you know, it is the synergy of the three that made that happen. when we was in there, like it was no trust. like you fell me? like lauren had to basically -- >> create a trust. >> -- lauren has to put her trust in me. you know what i mean? when i say let's go like this, you know what i mean? because out of the three fujis, the pulse of this time in this generation they would have to say, okay, you know what? you know we really got to just listen to what 'clef is saying and fix it with what we're sigh saying. >> lauren didn't trust you creatively. >> no. and i didn't trust them creatively at all. because i'm not -- when it comes to the music, i'm not here to like trust anyone.
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i'm here to say let's take the group from point a and skyrocket it. that's my job. >> so -- i don't mean to over simplify this -- >> you can. >> you were the leader and they wouldn't follow? >> well, i wouldn't say that i'm the leader of the fujis. what i would do is, i would put the three of us out there and you've seen careerwise what everyone has done and you can say, okay, well this one's the producer. i would say more when it comes to the fujis, i was t top producer of the fujis. >> right. >> yeah. >> right. is there any truth to the story that was circulating that part of why you don't work is lauryn hill became unmanageable, she was in the studio, she was demanding things, she was hard to work with, it was no longer a family environment? >> i don't see no difference with lauryn hill or 99% of the girls i work with. every woman is a diva within
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their own light. now woman be more extreme than others. >> was she more extreme? >> if she say call me mrs. hill and another girl says when i come in the room i need it completely pink, you tell me what's more extreme. somebody who you've known pofor0 years -- >> yeah, but what i respect is the growth of an individual. there's something a person might go through. he be like, you know what? i want to be called miss hill. >> so what's next for you? >> what's next is the -- i want to thank black enterprise, of course, golf and tennis challenge, because when i was doing that event, a gentleman jumped on stage and he was jamaican and he brought this water for me to taste on stage. not only did he brought the water he started singing about the water. the whole night turned into a
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jam. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> so we have a partnership now. through that event. so we'll be developing this water company. it's in school systems and we plan to take it around the world. and of course, the political party on the ground in haiti will continue fighting for people. human rights is important. education is important. job creation is important. and of course, tourism. i got to bring that back to the country. and then after that, just taking time with family. my daughter, my wife, just to reflect on what the future going to look like. >> i hope that future includes another run for the presidency. the people need you, man. >> ten years. >> all right. i'm going to hold you to that.
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you come right back here and make the announcement right here. >> all right. ♪ still to come -- with our program, we are seeing changes in behavior. patient told me i don't care how much you know until i know how much you care. >> babe: connuing, now rigging for jumbo perch on the wisconsin side of lake michigan at the waukegan mud flats, we've pretty muchch g t pattern wired. >> ooh. >> good one? >> babe: so, all that's really left tdo is keep making controlled drifts over scattered schools of prespawn perch and enjoy the catching part of the equation >> look at the size of this, would you? >> that's a big dog. nice. >> look at that. >> there's another one. >> oh, perfect.
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are you holding it right off the bottom or just letting it bounce? >> i'm letting it just tic. >> good one? that looks to be, too, huh? >> not bad. >> that is a nice one, huh? >> yeah. >> i guess. >> the mud flats in waukegan are probably the reason that most of the fish are here. >> there you go. >> it's a pretty good population. they stay here for -- for a while. >> that isn't bad, huh? >> no. >> there's a ton of bait. >> oh, there's another one! >> the water's the first to warm up in all the lakes. >> the perch fishing on michigan is starting to heat up. >> they're in feed mode before they come to spawn. >> in illinois and wisconsin and
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there's a jumbo. there's a good one. [ laughter ] that's a toad, boy. >> there we go. there's another one. >> there's another one. there's a double header. this is what we like to see. >> no, i don't -- well... maybe an average one. >> i would say our average-size perch is anywhere from 10 to 12 inches. >> still not bad. >> we did see a good number of 13- to 14-inchers this week. >> that's a decent one. >> we do get them in the 15-plus there's a saying that black men tell their barbers thinks they won't tell their doctors. one physician is going city to see to save live. here's our "slice of life." it's no secret many black men avoid going to the doctor. but there's one place most love to go --. bill is making house calls as
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part of his black barber shop health outreach program making calls across the country. >> the reason this work is so important is because african-american men are dying prematurely from preventable diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure, they have the lowest life expectancy of any segment of the united states. we decided to go into black on barber shops around the country. >> i came into the barber shop to get a haircut. i'm very comfortable with preventative medicine. i'm getting older now, body's change. i get an opportunity to check, why not? >> in the past three years the drk janitor visited more than 25 cities and given nearly 25,000 men screenings for diabetes and high blood pressure. >> ultimately our goal is to screen 500,000 men by 2012. we're confident that we'll get there with the help of barber shops around the country. >> the barbers are pan
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participanting and asking their clients if they'd like to be screened. so far i've seen five or six people be screened. even if we screen one person, that's already successful. >> successful enough for this barber shop doc to add a prostate cancer education component to his visit, in an attempt to save more lives. >> it is amazing because with our program we are seeing changes in behavior. when brothers know that somebody cares? they tend to do better. they tend to be more compliant. in fact, a patient told me i don't care how much you know until i know how much you care. we'll be right back. and just add a little bit of water with the potatoes... and the getable broth. and then salt and pepper to taste. and then this is curry powder. st it around a little bit. and then i'm just gonna turn up the heat a little bit, and i'm gonna let this simmer until the potatoes are nice and tender.
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ooh, that's perfect. now, just the finishing touches -- we're just gonna add the fish -- now, this is cooked fish -- and 1 cup of milk. now, we're just gonna let this come back to a simmer, and then we're gonna be ready to serve it. sorry, gourmet chefs -- it may not be a huge, elaborate production to prepare, but homemade bluegill soup sure is delicious and something you can all easily make r yourself at home. see you all later. >> babe: come see the new to check out recent shows, recipes, outdoor-product feates, upload your photos into our new trophy room, and a whole lot more. the rising and falling yellow perch populations at lake michigan represent how fragile lake environments can be to a wide variety of changes, changes often brought about, in one way or another, by m. we've heard briefly how the invasive alewife and the stocking of salmon affected perch in the 1960s, then how
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commercial fishing and/or another invasive specie, called zebra mussels, which also caused perch numbers to plummet. now round gobies and blood red shrimp are two more recent invasive species blood red shrimp are two more recent invasive species lake michigan is fing.
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[coo coo] [coo] [coo] be free. nice, dad. ["nice, dad" echoing] charles! nice, dad. announcer: you don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent. there are thousands of siblings in foster care who will take you just as you are. announcer: do your part. visit and find your local food bank today.
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that wraps it up for us here. visit us at black did the thank you for watching "our world with black enterprise."


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